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New Fuel Systems Inc.

New Fuel Systems Inc.

About New Fuel Systems

New Fuel Systems Inc.

Our Purpose

New Fuel Systems Inc., is a U.S. and Canadian diversified green energy company, which was formed to capitalize on the burgeoning markets in renewable and alternative current worldwide energy technologies. New Fuel Systems, together with its subsidiaries, Water Evolution Systems Inc. and Electric City Motors Corp. are focused on the identification, acquisition, development, and commercialization of renewable, alternative energy technologies globally. Through established relationships, we strive to identify technologies on the leading edge of innovation that would contribute to the ever increasing demands for energy producing fuels, clean air and pure water while protecting the environment for future generations.

Our Core Values

To form strategic alliances and partnerships with reputable and innovative companies that provide high quality products, innovative technology and reliable services.

To value our customers, partners and shareholders and excel in our business by honouring our commitments, delivering sustainable growth and continuing to strive for excellence in a professional and responsible manner.

To treat our employees and shareholders as assets and as the key to our success. We shall maintain an active role in helping our team achieve their full potential and to provide them with a conducive work environment where integrity, collaboration, creativity and mutual respect is valued and rewarded.

Company Overview

New Fuel Systems Inc. (NFS’) is an environmentally conscientious company whose goal is to bring to market three technologies. One that converts waste plastic to oil. The second, which will be available through its subsidiary company Water Evolution Systems Inc., converts waste water and/or polluted water back to pure, ‘healthy’ water. The third technology, an emission free alternative fuel automobile will be provided through an additional subsidiary, Electric City Motors Corp.

At NFS’ we recognize that plastic waste produced by society is polluting our environment at a phenomenal rate. We also recognize that to prevent plastic pollution we must address the issue of plastic waste at the source. Pollution is entering our inland and marine waters at alarming rates by way of industrial and municipal discharge, runoff, spills, deposition of airborne pollutants and natural phenomena such as earthquakes, and tsunamis’ just to name a few.

NFS’ business goals embody three inter-related elements. Cutting back on the diversion of plastics to the landfill by providing an environmentally friendly process for plastic waste management through our ‘plastic to oil’ technologies. Secondly, through our water purification technology, provide a means of cleaning up the pollution in our water systems and thereby produce high volumes of pristine water at a fraction of the cost of other technologies. Our third element addresses consumer demands for automobiles that are more fuel efficient, emission free/environmentally friendly, and more economical to operate.

New Fuel Systems’ ‘plastic to oil’ Technology is a process whereby plastics are converted back to a clean highly refined oil through portable modules. The portability of these emission free modules enable placement in strategic locations nationwide. By converting the plastic into oil we are eliminating a major pollutant to our environment and at the same time producing a highly valuable commodity ‘black gold or oil’ that will help feed the growing world energy demand.

New Fuel Systems’ Water Purification Technology is a unique and patented combination of natural processes that is chemical free and membrane free. This advanced cost effective system produces water that is free from contamination such as viruses, hormones, environmental pollutants such as arsenic and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB’s). NFS’ water purification technology has applications across a wide variety of sectors such as retail drinking water, industrial water applications, food processing, water recycling, and recovering value from wastewater treatment and/or supplementary support of existing technologies and water treatment infrastructures.

New Fuel Systems’ subsidiary company, Electric City Motors Corp. is a concept and brand development corporation in the field of alternative fuel automobiles and alternative fuel products. The automotive industry is on the verge of profound transformation at a global level – from both a technology level and consumer demand level. The result is a clear need to prepare for this next phase of automotive transportation. There is now a common acceptance at the highest level in the automotive companies, the governments, and among advocacy organizations that oil alone will not supply all of the world’s rapidly growing automotive energy requirements, and climate change will affect the technologies used in the cars of the future. Our goal is to help meet some of these automotive demands by the industry and consumer in a responsible way and eliminating yet another major pollutant to our environment.

With New Fuel Systems framework of environmentally friendly technologies in place the principals of the internationally recognized hierarchy of Resource Management Principals are being engaged:

  • Reduce waste at source
  • Reuse where possible
  • Recycle products at the end of their useful life
  • Recover energy or materials from the waste stream

Mission Statement

To provide applications of innovative and environmentally friendly technologies to help deal with three key issues that have a direct impact on our environment; waste plastic, contaminated water,
and high emission automobiles.

More info at: New Fuel Systems Inc.

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