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Paradigm Education Academy of Creative Enlightenment (P.E.A.C.E.) School

School of the New Paradigm: P.E.A.C.E. Paradigm

P.E.A.C.E. stands for: Paradigm Education Academy of Creative Enlightenment School.

P.E.A.C.E. Vision

Our vision is to engage children in the re-enchantment of education and guide them to their highest potentials, through the provision of tools that ignite, unfold and augment their innate gifts and talents. Students explore the world through an inquiry based and experiential infusion of enlightened academics and the Arts, develop at their own rate using their own learning style, and are assessed based on their own capabilities and potential. A key focus of the PEACE curriculum is the environment, our interdependence with all life forms, and creating a self-sustainable community and better world. The ultimate vision is to nurture the essence of each child, so they blossom into creative, joyful, highly evolved citizens, while on the path to discover who and what they really are.

PEACE Mentors are highly aware, knowledgeable and experienced role models, enthusiastically transmitting lessons in consideration of the whole being and uniqueness of the individuality.

P.E.A.C.E. Mission

Our Mission is to:

  • Create a safe, beautiful and inspiring environment conducive to learning;
  • Provide students a Personal Education Plan (PEP), the guidance and tools to develop at their own rate and be assessed on their own potential;
  • Build a thriving student body from classrooms around the globe, which in turn conveys the depth and breadth of the PEACE vision to an ever expanding community;
  • Attract a highly aware and trained faculty committed to the mandate of the Academy and welcome them into a highly stimulating work environment and community;
  • Cultivate, implement and continually enhance a PEACE curriculum;
  • Participate in and integrate cultural and social activities from around the world into the curriculum and back out into the community.

The PEACE Classroom

When one enters a PEACE School they will perceive an energized hive of activity in a collaborative open concept environment. Each school day begins with a form of Meditation, Yoga, Pilates, and Music, etc. to set the day’s tone and ends with a Native Council Circle. From time to time, guest Mentors or ‘experts’ visit the classrooms to share their experiences and expertise. At the end of each school day, in the Council Circle, students pass the “Talking Stick” granting each the opportunity to share their learning experience of the day. Faculty also convene to share their insights and experiences.

PEACE School offers an extraordinary opportunity for our outdoor experiential education program. We offer everything from living self-sustainably, gardening, exploring nature via flora and fauna studies, history of the Earth, canoes, kayaks, skiing, hiking, eco-tours, outdoor Physical Education, Health and Science, all integrated into an ever expanding curriculum. At PEACE School, the Universe is our classroom.

As funding becomes available, a pilot, self-sustainable green school is to be built in a quiet, natural setting where children are free to play, explore and nurture their inner genius. The facility will be designed with current self-sustainable technologies, such as photovoltaic panels for energy, bubble green houses, geothermal flooring and recyclable materials, employing resources from the region where the facility is built.

The Academy provides an environment where children learn real life skills. It offers outdoor access from each of its' large, bright and airy classrooms. SmartBoard technology will be available to students for interactive academia and as an interface for connecting with world class Mentors and exploring world cultures through global classroom encounters. The exterior will provide large areas with easy access to sports fields and other public facilities for play activities, with a space for self-sustaining community gardens and community projects, and lush forests / jungles for nature exploration. Permaculture is part of the Science program, with in class aeroponic tower gardens, living walls, greenhouses with aquaponics and hydroponics, and outdoor garden plots available for students to develop skills in self-sustainability. What they grow they will eat and share with the community.

Also included is an indoor multipurpose auditorium / theatre stage / gymnasium for school-wide activities, performances and sports events; a large kitchen supports the healthy meal and culinary arts program; a sunny, contemporary library contains a computer lab for student research and media-arts program; and large fully equipped music, drama and art rooms. A Community Space will be dedicated to hosting events such as educational conferences, entrepreneurial development workshops, networking events and will serve as a research hub for students enrolled in programs with a research project component.

More info at: www.peace-school.org/

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