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Global Health & Wellbeing Campaign on Indiegogo

Help Us Make Global Impact on Healthcare.

Donate Now and Get:

1) A Unique Stress Reduction & Mindfulness Mobile App.

    Which includes quantitative scientific information on how your stress is effecting your body and simple exercises, reminders and inspirational quotes to help you with daily relaxation and living a true work-life balance.

2) Be the first Beta Testers for our VIRTUAL REALITY Meditations & Wellbeing Workshops. Following the release of our Mobile App, we will be launching a Virtual Reality App for meditations and nurturing well being & relaxation workshops.

    Donate now and be the first Beta Testers and gain VIP Access to our upcoming Virtual Reality series!

    See a full list of benefits packages on our Perks page.


There are very few tools and resources available for people to understand how their thoughts, emotions and lifestyle are effecting their physical condition...and even fewer resources to help them understand what they can do about it.

Furthermore, statistics show that patients are waiting months and even up to a year for their assessments and clinical treatments.

For the last 5 years, our clinical trials and complimentary treatments have focused on London. We've had outstanding and even transformative results on our patients. And now we want to take this out into the world.

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