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Kesh Nikhar: Hair Tonic


Kesh Nikhar a tonic for eliminating dandruff, stopping excessive hair fall, preventing black hair turning gray, and to darken hair.

Kesh Nikhar is a perfect tonic of scalp and hair, it provices natural nourishments. the hair tonic made from Vedic process. Kesh Nikhar is an eco friendly and environment friendly. This is purely natural made from natural herbs and it has no side effects. No chemical or harmful ingredients are used to in making Kesh Nikhar. Kesh Nikhar gives hair the best hair wash and it prevents hair loss, help scalp healthy.

Directions of Use Kesh Nikhar Hair Tonic:

  • Shake Bottle of Kesh Nikhar well before use.
  • Before 30 minutes of bath, take Kesh Nikhar Hair Tonic on tips of figures and massage gently on entire scalp.
  • Keep it 30 minutes (do not wash hair).
  • Wash Hair with normal or bit warm water after 30 minutes.
  • After Wash with normal water, hair can be wash with shampoo or soap.

Recommended: Use Warm water to wash hair.

For Best Results: Use Bramhi Avla Hair Oil regularly for healthy hair.


  • Cow urine;
  • Soap nut;
  • Camphor;
  • Carum ajowan;
  • Acacia;
  • Amla;
  • Hibiscus;
  • Eclipta-alba

Where to Get this Natural Product:

Kesh Nikhar Hair Tonic
Kesh Nikhar Hair Tonic
... and many more Wonderful Health Products

To get this natural product please click on the above image or the following link here: Kesh Nikhar Hair Tonic

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